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Melvin Wong

@fitmelvin | Founder of Movement Method | Head Trainer

Melvin holds a Degree in Medicine and has spent the past 10 years researching how the human body can perform better, faster and stronger. He has always been very intrigued by athletics, nutrition, modern medicine and human capabilities. He is also a certified rescue diver and speaks fluent Russian.

His 10 years of cross training includes power lifting, weight lifting and marathoner  and 6 years of coaching and program development has fueled his passion for fitness.


  • Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon Finisher 2020 

  • The Great Wall of China, May 2018 (Red Bull top 10 toughest race)

  • Spartan Sprint Singapore March 2018

  • Spartan Sprint Malaysia 2018

  • Spartan Super Malaysia 2018

  • Spartan Ultra beast 52km Dec 2017

  • Menara KL Towerthon 2018

  • Menara Standard Chartered Full Marathon 2016

  • Reebok Be More Human, Moscow 2016



@lynlee| Pilates Instructor

Lynette is on the teaching faculty of The Centre for Women's Fitness since 2009. She is the Senior Pilates Teacher of Pilates Central Malaysia.

Creator of Release and Regenerate, a program which enhance and speed up recovery of muscles, increase flexibility and mobility.



@zuleeka.z | Creator of her own Program S.P.I.C.E 

She has trained heavily in Muay Thai and boxing with UK’s Top Team and also picked up calisthenics. She has trained in multi-disciplinary sports since young, ranging from athletics, gymnastics, tennis and football.

More so to say, She has an extensive background in martial arts; Karate, Tae Kwon do, Boxing and Muay Thai. She incorporate various techniques she has learnt across the fitness spectrum into her unorthodox daily training regimen which led to the birth of “THE HYBRIDATHLETE”.

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