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Movement method

The elemental philosophy behind the Movement Method: 'To live better by training on the Important yet fundamental human movements and to enhance and break all limits within ourselves' Movement Method is the expression of life. To Feel free, free to move and free to express. 

We want to be the first to heighten the Malaysian fitness level. To teach the basic, to improve lifestyle. With the correct application, the Movement Method can change life and make life limitless.  





The Movement Method was founded 6 years ago in Moscow, Russia. Founder Melvin Wong believes the ultimate way of fitness is to be able to move in exactly the way you intend your body to move


so now,

Why choose us?

Movement Method is developed and delivered to you by Melvin Wong, a highly experienced program developer providing unique and customized outdoor workout program.

Check out the profiles:

Customized, science based fitness program 

We care about your personal journey

We are about keeping it simple and sustainable fitness program

We are educational

Supporting you to work at your level


Most Importantly - FUN !


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